We specialise in words

We work with marketing departments, publishers and design agencies to create well planned and crafted content for print, digital and verbal communication.

From strategic planning to copywriting, we help you get the written bit right so that everything else falls into place first time.

Struggling to find time to get your words right?
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What can a copywriter do for me?

Any project, whether it's a stunning website, an award-winning marketing campaign, a best-selling book or a famous speech, begins with words. Getting the words right from the outset helps to ensure that every other aspect of your project falls into place at the first time of asking, saving you time and money.

But finding the words to describe your own business is not always easy. Sometimes the picture is clearer from the outside looking in. That is what a copywriter will do for you: take an objective view, identify the main selling points, devise a structure for your project and then put it all into words that reflect your tone of voice. Ensuring all the words are spelt correctly and make good grammatical sense is just the fine detail. More...

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Website content

A commercial website must convince visitors quickly that your business can solve their problems. It must be prominent on search engines, easy and logical to navigate, but also worth reading and it must compel prospective customers to take action. We write websites that balance all these requirements. Here's one you may have seen before.

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Print content

Print isn't dead, but it does have a longer shelf life. It's also harder to ignore. It's a balance of customer engagement versus the cost of print and distribution. If you want to unleash the power of print, we can manage every aspect of the production, from content planning to distribution. We have decades of experience in magazine and book publishing, including editing and writing for some of Britain's most popular consumer magazines and an impressive portfolio of high-end customer publications.


Video Content

Whether you're making a corporate training video, a customer information film or a movie, the script needs to be convincing. It should be entertaining and hold the viewer's attention in order to deliver the key messages. Above all it must not be boring. Humour can often play a key part in achieving this balance. We write scripts that are both engaging and informative. We can also help you find a director/cameraman for your corporate video.

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Live content

Presentations, live events, interviews and speeches all offer an opportunity to gain valuable exposure for your business. We will help you make sure you use those few golden minutes to put across a clear, powerful message. We are experienced at writing and delivering speeches, conducting and giving interviews and making presentations. We can plan and write the content of your speech, presentation or interview and help you get the delivery as polished as possible.